3.6 Support for assessment

The University is committed to enabling students to perform at their best in assessment, and to reach their potential in respect of academic outcomes and employability. Re-sit opportunities (see section 5) and a range of wellbeing and support services are available, including those which fall within the Reasonable Adjustments Framework for students with disabilities, dyslexia or specific learning difficulties; and extra-curricular advice on academic skills development is available from the Centre for Academic Development.

Students are expected to attend all examinations and other timed assessments, and to submit coursework - and, in the case of research students, theses - on time, within any allowances that may be approved under the Reasonable Adjustments Framework or the Exceptional Circumstances regulations. However, changes to assessment arrangements may be available if a student can provide evidence that any of the following circumstances apply to them (or to a dependant requiring their support):

  • religious observance or belief, e.g. festival observance, prayer times
  • military training or active duty requirements
  • national or international activities where the University or country of origin is represented.