• Wellbeing

    Working together to enhance the learning, emotional, physical and spiritual life of the Oxford Brookes community.


    Online support is available to all students, no matter where you are, from our new partners at Togetherall. The Togetherall online mental health platform hosts a supportive community of other people in similar situations whose identities are not disclosed.

    Once you have registered, you will have free access to spaces where you can chat about how you're feeling or express this in other ways through the creative tools available. You can also share tips on how to cope with a variety of issues. There are also clinically trained staff available to make sure the space is safe and supportive.

    You can follow self-paced courses about managing your mood and you can track your own progress through self-assessments.

    Register for Togetherall with your Brookes email address

    You will then create a profile that protects your identity so you can use the website anonymously.

  • Wellbeing services

    Introduction to our Wellbeing services