Assistive Technology support

 News The Assistive Technology (AT) Suite, based at Headington will be moving soon. Details coming soon, for the next semester.

Using assistive or academic technology (AT) can help with more effective study/working. It can benefit all students and you may already be using it - 30% of students nationally surveyed in 2022 said they use captions or transcripts. It can be particularly helpful for students where English is not their first language, who have experienced an injury, have health issues, are disabled, or have a specific learning difficulty (SpLD).

Software and equipment for study

All Brookes students can book an appointment to discuss and explore potential tools to help with studies and remote working on their own devices, such as:

  • Extra features in the programmes you use all the time (MS Office, Google apps).
  • Making the most of your computer with features in your browser (eg Chrome) and operating system (eg Windows)
  • Recommendations for study-related apps for mobile phones and tablets (many of which are free).    

New software for study

Learning Labs

The Learning Labs AT and inclusivity hub includes Labs on understanding and getting the most out of assistive technology, accessibility tools and remote learning software. 

Learn how to use Brookes’ assistive technology (AT) programmes, anytime, anywhere, any place.

For advice on how to log in to the platform, please follow this Learning Labs login guide

 Announcement Alternative Formats are used to help make documents accessible and enable you to use your AT to read them. You can use Moodle, Sensus Access or ClaroRead to create accessible files such as accessible PDFs, audio files, electronic braille and ebooks.

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Individual sessions are available via Google Meet to look at software and equipment to aid remote learning and online study (30 or 60-minutes).

  • Tuesday - Thursday from 9:00am

Face-to-face support, in the AT Suite, in JHB Building, Headington Campus (45-minutes) - on request

  • Tuesday from 9:00am
Other times are available upon request - use the enquiry form or email

“A quiet place to think and work. ”

Assistive Technology Suites user

Assistive Technology Suites

The Assistive Technology Suites (ATS) house learning technology for exclusive independent use by disabled students. Contact us on for more information and to request access.

ATS locations

“If I had tried out the various accessible software and technology options in the ATS, before my needs assessment, I could have benefited even more.”

Assistive Technology Suites user

ATS Headington Campus
ATS Headington Campus
ATS Swindon Campus
ATS Swindon Campus
ATS Wheatley Campus
ATS Wheatley Campus
ATS Harcourt Hill Campus
ATS Harcourt Hill Campus

AT tools and resources

Assistive / Academic Technology includes physical resources, IT hardware or software, but it does not have to be a high tech solution to work well.