Library services for disabled people

Library services to help you

Find out more about access to our individual campus libraries. Here you'll find details of opening hours, how to physically access the library (including any maps or virtual tours) and the different types of study spaces available.

Staff will be very pleased to help you with any queries, including how to find good resources for your studies. You can visit the Library in person, telephone (+44(0)1865 534700), email ( or use our Library Help chat service - look for the chat option on the right-hand side of the page.

It is possible to adjust the height on some tables in the library: ask at the Welcome Desk on level 1 for more information.

Library services include:

  • Fetching books from the shelves and/or explaining the reservations system
  • Individual scanning service
  • Coloured paper can be used for items requested via the scanning, copying or interlibrary loan service.
  • Accessible alternate formats
  • Access to the RNIB Bookshare scheme which provides full textbooks in accessible formats. Please contact John Grandy for details.
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) for your evacuation from the Library. Please contact Nicola Barnard to discuss this

For undergraduate students with concessionary status

Standard loan items are guaranteed for a minimum of two weeks, rather than one week. Loan lengths for all other items are the same for all undergraduate students.

Up to 30 standard loan items can be borrowed at once. The number of reservations, short loan and other items available to borrow at once is the same for all undergraduate students.

For postgraduate students with concessionary status

Borrowing terms and limits are slightly more generous for postgraduate students than undergraduate students, you will receive whichever is more generous between the postgraduate and concessionary terms and limits.

For staff and external borrowers

Due to data protection laws the library does not keep information about any specific learning difficulties or disabilities you may have. If you would like additional support when using the library or longer loan lengths etc, please speak to a member of library staff.

For all users

Fines will be charged at the same rate for all students and staff (£1 per day for standard items). If you have any extenuating or exceptional circumstances which impact on your ability to return books or pay a fine, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Accessible formats

Access to full electronic textbooks

Access to the RNIB Bookshare Scheme, administered by John Grandy (, can give full electronic textbook access. To use this service, a referral is required from the Inclusive Support and Mental Health Advice Team at the Inclusive Support Service.

Sensus Access

Use the Sensus Access service to convert a document from an inaccessible format (eg. image only PDF file, JPEG pictures , Powerpoint presentations) into an accessible format, including e-book, MP3 or DAISY audio book or digital braille.

The service is embedded further down this web page.

To use the service there are 4 simple steps:

  1. Upload your file
  2. Choose the type of file you would like returned
  3. Select the output file options you need
  4. Enter your Brookes email address. A link to your converted file will be emailed for you to open or download.

Conditions of use

You can make an accessible copy if

  • you own the copyright (ie. it’s your own work)
  • you have permission from the copyright owner
  • the copyright has expired
  • you have a print disability or if it’s for someone with a print disability.

You need to agree that:

Please note by using this service you consent to the sharing of limited personal data with Sensus ApS. For further information please see the SensusAccess privacy policy.

Give us your feedback on the Sensus service via a Google form (requires a Brookes login)

Sensus FAQs

Use Sensus Access to convert a file

Other University services to help you

Students who are eligible to use the blue marking card can follow the instructions on the card about how to use a blue card with electronic submissions, and also refer to their Inclusive Support Plan (ISP) email.

Assistive Technologies - one-to-one help and advice is available to ensure that you are getting the best from the technology you use and also to give advice on new software for study. You can book an Assistive Technology appointment or find out more about assistive tools and resources at Brookes Assistive Technology Support.

Did you know that as a Brookes student you can access a free version of Microsoft Office 365 and it has a number of assistive learning tools such as Immersive reader?

Have you visited AppsAnywhere for 100s of study apps? It is available for use on or off campus and from personal computers.