As a disabled student, you may well have specific accommodation needs and Brookes has a broad range of accommodation to suit most individuals.

Accommodation requirements

The University has a number of halls of residence in various locations in and around Oxford. More information about halls, including cost and location, can be found on the Accommodation website.

There are a variety of halls, some with ensuite facilities and some with shared bathroom facilities. Halls vary in size and location. You may want to consider which campus you will be studying at when considering the most suitable accommodation for you.

Things to note

  • Disabled students are given priority with regard to accommodation; it is therefore important that you let us know your requirements as soon as possible.
  • Disabled students can remain in halls for the duration of their course if they so wish.
  • Dyslexia/specific learning difficulties, without additional disabilities, will not normally be grounds for prioritising the allocation of accommodation.

How do you decide which accommodation will meet your needs?

A good starting point is to look at what is available. We are very happy to discuss your needs with you. Most halls have some adapted and/or accessible rooms. These are rooms which are bigger than the standard rooms and which are purpose built or adapted for wheelchair users. In some instances we are able to make further adaptations to meet specific needs.

Adapted and accessible rooms are often allocated based on the need for a larger room, as there are a number of circumstances where this is required. If you will need an adapted room or you are uncertain about which hall would be the most suitable, then you need to talk to a member of the team. 

How do you apply for accommodation as a disabled student?

Apply through the the online application portal, StarRez. You will be asked to upload medical evidence as part of your application. The Accommodation Bureau will email you once you are eligible to apply. The Accommodation Bureau will then allocate what you require. Contact us at if you have any questions about the process.

We sometimes receive requests for a 'quiet room'. This is unfortunately not something we can guarantee due to the nature of communal living. We would however suggest that you consider one of the smaller halls or possibly the option of a shared house.