Access to talent

The business and research community has a rich pool of talent to draw upon from Oxford Brookes University.

We have over 18,000 students at any given time. They benefit from our commitment to teaching excellence and employability, our provision of mentoring opportunities, and our encouragement of social engagement and personal development.


Oxford Brookes is ranked among the top universities in the world in 15 subject areas. It is the only university under 50 years old in the top 50 of global rankings. 

Our graduates are highly employable, with 93.2% in employment or further study within six months of graduation (Latest available figures, 2017).

This immensely able student body is spread across disciplines from science to arts, from business to sports science, from health to construction. Businesses can reap rewards from tapping into this pool of talent in a variety of ways.

  • student placements allow your enterprise to benefit from the energy and new thinking they bring, while students learn from you too
  • recruiting our graduates comes with the knowledge that they have studied at a high-ranking university whose students are well prepared for business and enterprise
  • higher and degree apprenticeships offer newly developing opportunities for young people to study for their degree while being wholly engaged as part of your workforce
  • you can contribute to the development of the next generation of workers by offering mentoring and career support for students developing their all-round business skills alongside their academic studies.

Graduate recruitment

As an employer of graduates, you’re searching both for ‘excellence’ and ‘best fit’ for your organisation and requirements. Oxford Brookes offers a range of opportunities for you to explore the available talent and find your ideal graduates. These include:

  • graduate recruitment and placement fairs
  • free advertising for graduate vacancies
  • membership of the Graduate Employers’ Forum, a network of employers and university staff supporting the needs of business
  • interview facilities.

See our careers pages for more information and to find your perfect graduate.

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