Public and community engagement

Learn how we are driving public engagement with our research, innovation and knowledge exchange

About public and community engagement at Brookes

Researchers, academics, professional support colleagues and students provide a diverse programme of events, activities and festivals. 

This programme also includes online resources including podcasts, teaching materials and short films. 

Through these activities we aim to communicate the work of the University to a wide range of publics in a mutually beneficial two-way process. By inspiring, informing, listening and discussing together we hope to shape the futures of our local and regional communities as well as our University. 

Public engagement (PE) is coordinated centrally by a Public Engagement Network (PEN), led by Professor Linda King, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Global Partnerships. 

PEN acts as a central hub for PE enabling us to work with publics to improve and guide our programme, as well as offering support and encouragement to staff to enable the integration of PE in all areas.

The Public Engagement Network (PEN) offers a range of support for staff interested in public engagement including small grants, central and external training, awards and guidance.

Engage with us

We want to hear from and engage with you! If you or your organisation is interested in finding out more about how you can engage with research at Oxford Brookes, please contact us. 

If you are looking for a researcher working on a particular topic, you can also search our database of staff.

Public Engagement team

Upcoming engagement activities

Creative Industries Festival 2021

Creative Industries Festival 2021

4 - 27 May

In 2021, the creative industries face a series of urgent challenges. How can cultural activity recover from the long period of dormancy enforced by lockdown? What kinds of relationships will audiences build with producers as culture shifts radically online? And how can creative institutions respond to calls for greater diversity both in terms of their output and their workforce?

Oxford Brookes Creative Industries Research and Innovation Network is proud to present a month of virtual seminars, workshops and discussions which engage with these and many other vital issues facing today’s cultural creators. 

Listen to our podcasts

Listen to our Oxford Brookes Unscripted podcasts, where researchers share and discuss a wide range of fascinating topics, from artificial intelligence to conservation... and everything in between.

Information for Brookes staff


Our Public Engagement Network offers information, resources, small grants, central and external training, awards and support for staff members who would like to get involved in public engagement activities.