Violence Regimes

Principal Investigator(s): Professor Anne Laure Humbert


Project start: March 2018

Project finish: June 2020

Funded by: Swedish Research Council

About us

The purpose of this project is to contribute to the reduction of violence in society by developing theory and better explanations of the production of violence in contemporary EU. It investigates the extent to which there are different violence regimes, comparable to welfare regimes, and generates a complex post-disciplinary theory of violence.

The research draws on theory and data from political science, sociology, gender studies and criminology and utilises existing EU policy, administrative and survey data in new and innovative ways. Initially, it focuses on three welfare state regimes: France, Sweden and the UK, then the EU.

The project is led by Orebro University (Sweden).

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Anne Laure Humbert

Professor Anne Laure Humbert


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