Dr Cal Horton

PhD, MSc, BA (Hons)

Research Fellow

Oxford Brookes Business School


Cal is a research fellow in Oxford Brookes' Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice (CDPRP) with a specialism in trans inclusion and Applied Trans Studies.


Cal is currently primary investigator on the ASPIRE project, tackling barriers to trans retention in STEM careers. 

Projects as Principal Investigator, or Lead Academic if project is led by another Institution

  • Building Lived Experience Accountability into Culturally Competent Health and Well-being Assessment for Trans Youth Social Justice (BLA-HAJ) (01/02/2024 - 31/01/2028), funded by: Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC), funding amount received by Brookes: £210,639
  • Addressing Systemic Precarity: Trans Inclusion and Retention in STEM (01/09/2023 - 30/12/2024), funded by: The Royal Society of Chemistry, funding amount received by Brookes: £65,696


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