Dependable Systems Engineering Research Centre (DSERC)

About us

The Dependable Software Engineering Research Centre is an umbrella Research Centre in the School of Engineering, Computing and Maths.  It was launched in September 2012 and encompasses the Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity Group, the Applied Software Engineering and Data Analytics Group, and the Advanced Reliable Computer Systems Group. The aim of the Centre is to promote the synergies and potential that exist between the Research Groups and to encourage the exploration of new research ground.

This union of the Research Groups is beneficial, fruitful and effective. Collaboration between the Research Groups takes place in the form of regular reading group meetings and seminars. The Centre brings together empirical, theoretical, and applied software research. It provides a dynamic environment to foster and support a vibrant and successful research culture through an interdisciplinary framework of science and technology at Oxford Brookes University.

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Related courses

Computing Research Information Sharing Seminars (CRISS)

The aim of this series of seminars is to share the knowledge of the research activities in the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (ECM) with all staff and students and other interested people across the University by providing an update on recent developments.

Coming events

The AIRE (AI & Requirements Engineering) workshop will run virtually for the 8th year in September 2021.

The purpose of this workshop is to explore synergies between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Requirements Engineering (RE). AIRE aims to strengthen the links between the community, including industry and academia.

For more information, visit the AIRE’21 webpage.

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Alumnus testimonials

Alex Maurice, Director of Operations, The British Honey Company PLC & Union Distillers Ltd

During Alex’s University education as part of his dissertation, he met The British Honey Company and worked alongside the founder, Michael Williams, in the development of a software application to meet food standards SALSA regulations. This project broke boundaries creating a paperless human error free cloud base system. 

In May 2018, Alex joined the British Honey Company and  has recently been appointed Director of Operations.

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