Mechanics, Materials and Design (MMD)

Group Leader(s): Dr Neil Fellows


About us

This group combines research expertise in mechanics, materials and design.

  • Mechanics - the group has expertise in structure-borne sound source characterisation, vibration and sound transmission and dynamic system parameter estimation.
  • Materials - the group works on the development of material manufacturing processes and investigates strain rate sensitivity, temperature dependency, residual stresses, strength, wear and fatigue life of materials and structures.
  • Design - the group has developed products to meet customer specifications in a wide range of fields from sustainable bicycles to orthopaedic supports.

Artificial knee joint testing

Related courses

  • Engineering (MPhil / PhD / Masters by Research / PhD by Published Work)

Research impact

Technical image of piston deformation analysis

The MMD group has developed new metal alloys and is working on elongating the life of artificial knee joint replacements. The group has many contacts with industry and has worked recently on projects such as:

  • reducing noise within electric motors
  • improving the manufacturing process of Metal Matrix Composites
  • determining the life of AGR nuclear reactor graphite bricks.


Neil Fellows

Dr Neil Fellows

Reader in Mechanical Engineering

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Name Role Email
Dr Olga Barrera Reader in Mechanical Engineering
Professor James Broughton Professor in Engineering
Professor John Durodola Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Dr Neil Fellows Reader in Mechanical Engineering
Dr Shpend Gerguri Reader in Engineering Design
Mr Douglas Higgison Programme Lead
Mr Alessio Peluso Teaching Fellow in Engineering
Dr Marco Raugei Senior Lecturer and Senior Research Fellow in Mechanical Engineering
Dr Stephen Samuel Reader in Mechanical Engineering
Dr Anand Thite Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Professor Iakovos Tzanakis Professor in Engineering Materials