Dr Shpend Gerguri

Reader in Engineering Design

School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics


Shpend is Reader in Engineering Design. He has several years of experience in managing academic projects in the area of product design from conception to completion. Over the years Shpend has been responsible for Engineering Design themes in the fields of automotive, motorsport and mechanical engineering, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the School at Oxford Brookes University.

Shpend is experienced in managing consultancy and contract testing projects for various local and national companies through the Stress and Materials Testing group. Shpend has also served as an Academic Knowledge Base supervisor in four Innovate UK funded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) in the area of product design. One of the major projects Shpend has led is the Bamboo Bike Project that was funded by HEIF 5.

 His research interest are in the area of inventive problem solving, design of bicycles and ride comfort, applications for sustainable materials and their unique damping properties.

Teaching and supervision


Modules taught

  • Mechanical/Automotive Engineering Design
  • MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering Design Project


Successfully supervised five students whose projects went on to win, on three occasions, the coveted IMechE “Best Project Certificate”, the departmental “Best Project Certificate” and the Media Technology “Best Project” prize respectively.


Engineering Design, Materials, Simulation and Modelling

Application of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) in Engineering Design
Investigation of damping properties of natural materials on bicycle ride comfort
Investigation and design of disbondable modular bicycle frames
Bamboo bike development, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Publication No. WO2013017872A1
Patent Application No. PCT/GB2012/051856
Applicant(s): Oxford Brookes University
Title: Method of Joining Wooden Materials and Products made by the Method
Filing date: 3rd August 2011
Publication date: 7th February 2013
Inventors: Shpend Gerguri, Hayden Krause, James Broughton




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Further details

Other experience

  • Various contract testing and consultancy projects with local and national companies (e.g Siemens Magnet Technology) within Oxfordshire, delivering Results and Technical Reports on time and budget.
  • Willans KTP: Academic Knowledge Base supervisor for the KTP partnership between OBU and Willans Stockbridge racing, sponsored by the TSB (£140k) for the development of innovative range of on-board fire suppression systems for motorsport use and embed a capability for on-going new product development and design.
  • CMS KTP: Academic Knowledge Base supervisor for the KTP partnership between OBU and CMS Industries, sponsored by the TSB (£164k) for the development of product design department and embed a capability for on-going new product developments and design such as the air-charge.
  • Bamboo Bike: Academic Lead in a HEIF 5 funded project to develop a bamboo bike. The project was delivered on time and on budget. It generated significant publicity for the University, e.g. BBC interviews (local and world news services) and various national and local newspapers, and resulted in a Patent and a commercially licensed product (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15198952). Further information: http://mems.brookes.ac.uk/research/sei/bamboobike.html
  • Modular Bicycle frame: Academic partner in a TSB funded project with RawStudio UK as an industrial partner. The aim of the project was to develop a disbondable bicycle frame which was delivered on time and on budget (£22.5k).
  • Presented to MPs at a select Committee (Business, Innovation and Skills Committee) in June 2014 due to the involvement with KTPs, as part of the inquiry into Business-University Collaboration.

Further information

  • External Examiner for the Foundation Programmes in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Aston University, UK.