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World leading research and cutting edge innovation

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The Directorate of Research Innovation and Enterprise provides support to facilitate world leading research, cutting edge innovation and promote engagement with research end-users and beneficiaries.

We accelerate collaborations between industry, business, the public sector, NGOs and academia. We support the commercialisation of research through licencing and the creation of spinout companies. Furthermore, we provide training for staff and students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and ideas.
The Directorate of Research, Innovation and Enterprise provides lab and office spaces and access to academic and technical expertise to spinouts and start-ups in the biotech and digital sectors. 

Research Innovation and Enterprise - Annual Report

Established in August 2022, the Directorate for Research, Innovation, and Enterprise (RIE) is a pivotal force supporting research, innovation, and enterprise at our university. Having evolved from the former Research and Business Development Office, RIE has successfully completed its first year, actively engaging with the local community and earning recognition as a central hub for stakeholders. Now well-established with three focused teams, RIE looks forward to its second year, committed to realising its mission of supporting the university's ambitions, connecting stakeholders, engaging external partners, innovating for impact, and celebrating achievements. This report provides a concise overview of RIE's functions and highlights key activities from its inaugural year. Join us in shaping the future of research and innovation at Brookes.

Shaping the future: 2023-2024

This publication reflects academia's post-COVID landscape, highlighting triumphs and challenges. It emphasises impactful research, showcasing projects that address societal issues and collaborations with industry, such as the Joining Technology Research Centre for efficient electric vehicles. The Enterprise Centre, in partnership with OxLEP, supports start-ups and spinouts, offering students internship and employment opportunities. Success stories, including a graduate's start-up and doctoral students' research, underscore academia's transformative impact. Explore a world of innovation, resilience, and collaboration shaping a brighter future.

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