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Think Baby is an online course to develop trainee health visitors' observational skills by asking them to think about the way in which they perceive and assess mother-infant interactions.

Reflective self-assessment activities, based on short videos showing examples of mother-baby interaction, allow student health visitors an immersive learning experience.

SKumar Psych Clinic

During our visit to India, we run a free psychiatric clinic in a remote rural part of India and see around 100 patients over 2-3 days - Samjay quote ""My wife Dr Tina Malhotra, Consultant Psychiatrist, and I have been organising free psychiatric clinics every 1 to 2 years in one of the most deprived parts in India since 2007. This pop-up clinic provides a safe environment for anyone wishing to speak to a professional with concerns over their mental health, or the health of their children. Over the years, the clinic has welcomed parents bringing children as young as two years old, through to elderly patients who have been struggling with a treatable disease for many years.

We held the clinic in a local school on 23rd July 2019. We evaluated over 70 individuals who presented with a variety of symptoms.  We diagnosed a range of psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, mood disorders, OCD, depression, somatoform pain disorders, anxiety disorders, autism, learning disability and dementia. The clinic focused on appropriate diagnosis, pharmacological management of problems and brief counselling. We would like to thank colleagues and friends from whom we received generous support and encouragement and are able to support medicines for one individual for one year. Colleagues from the Psychology Department at Oxford Brookes contributed £60.00 towards our effort. Local newspapers covered our free psychiatric consultation service, which also helped in raising awareness in the community"

SKumar Psych Clinic

Sustainability - Implications of spatial shift in global capitalism (Business School)

People in a lecture theatre

Oxford Brookes Business School organised a public lecture on 5th December by Pritam Singh who has been recently awarded the distinguished Professor Emeritus status by the University.

Chris Blackburn introduced Pritam to the audience and highlighted the many dimensional contributions Pritam had made to the University. In this lecture 'Sustainability implications of the spatial shift in global capitalism: An eco-socialist perspective', Pritam defined the spatial shift, produced wide ranging evidence to substantiate this shift and then emphasised that this shift from relatively less populated countries to massively populated countries such as BRICS constitutes a momentous difference from all earlier differences in the global history of capitalism. He demonstrated the unprecedented environmental implications of this shift and made a critique of both modern capitalism and old productivist socialism to argue that eco-socialism provides a vision and practical programme to save humanity from the ecological catastrophe facing it.

The lecture which was video captured was followed by a Q & A session and presentation of a gift to Pritam by Dr Sarah Quinton on behalf of the School. A lively reception followed the reception providing another opportunity for many more discussions on the subject which evoked strong interest from the audience.

Anti-Slavery Day Event (Business School)

What are the current challenges confronting these different actors in the UK to combat modern slavery? How can they organise to address these and future challenges? And, how can we as individuals - students, employees, managers, neighbours - also play a role in their prevention?

To mark International Anti-Slavery Day 2018 and address these questions, Dr Samentha Goethals and Dr Maureen Brookes of Oxford Brookes Business School, in conjunction with Brookes Union, organised a multi-sector and multi-stakeholder event. Reflecting the complex make-up of actors involved in tackling modern slavery and the need for collaboration, this first anti-modern slavery event at Oxford Brookes gathered representatives of government, the police, charities, and hospitality, retail, and recruitment businesses. The event built on the Business School’s COMBAT Project to address human trafficking in the hospitality sector and research in Business and Human Rights in the Centre on Business, Society and Global Challenges. The event aimed to raise awareness about modern slavery among students, staff and the local community in Oxford by informing them about the widespread and local nature of this severe criminal phenomenon and how to spot and report signs. It consisted of three different activities including a stall exhibition of organisations working to tackle modern slavery, an extract performance of the play Bound by Oxford-based Justice in Motion, and a multi-sector panel discussion. The speakers featured Victoria Butler of Thames Valley Police (TVP), Lys Ford of the GLAA, Tom Hayes Councillor at Oxford City Council, Tamsin Jewell on behalf of Oxford Anti-Slavery Network (OXASN) and Elmore Community Services, Sian Lea of Shiva Foundation (Hotels), Chris Grayer of NEXT Plc (Garment manufacturing and retail), Nadia Youds of John Lewis (Home goods manufacturing and retail), and Paul McAnulty of Staffline (recruitment).

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Anti-Slavery Day Event

Fiscal Squeeze Book Launch - Rozana Himaz (Business School)

Fiscal Squeeze Book Launch

Dr Rozana Himaz, Senior Lecturer in Economics at the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, together with Professor Christopher Hood (Oxford), presented at HM Treasury in May to an audience of over 100 participants findings from their book A Century of Fiscal Squeeze Politics: 100 years of Austerity, Politics and Bureaucracy in Britain (Oxford University Press, 2017).

Research exchange: China and the World (Business School)

Research exchange: China and the World (Business School)

Peking University HSBC Business School hosted the first joint research seminar with academics from Oxford Brookes University on 12th September 2018 at their Oxford Campus.

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EDAMBA (Business School)

EDAMBA (Business School)

Connecting Memories (Business School)

Connecting Memories (Business School)

Researchers at the Oxford Brookes Business School and the School of Arts recently held the launch of their community research project exhibition: 'Photos, digital tools and wellbeing with older Oxford residents' at the Lab Space, Oxford Brookes, Headington campus.

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Open Lecture Series Tea Colianni (Business School)

Tea Colaianni, Non-Executive Director of mothercare plc, discussed the most pressing issues facing women in business with Professor Simonetta Manfredi, Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Exchange of Oxford Brookes Business School.

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Open Lecture Series Tea Colianni (Business School)

Loneliness Study, sharing photos online can make a huge difference to the lives of elderly people (Business School)

Research by Oxford Brookes researcher Dr Sarah Quinton has found that sharing photos online can make a huge difference to the lives of elderly people, but a large number lack confidence in their digital skills.

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Can sharing photographs help people to stay connected with others? (Business School)

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Workshop on secrecy in organisations (Business School)

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Healthcare in China, a medical humanities perspective (Business School - Centre for Business, Society, and Global Challenges)

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Free Workshop on Goal Setting and Happiness (Business School)

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Women in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure 2020 Review (Business School)

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Gender Issues in Business Schools (GIBS) Network - Workshop (Business School - Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice)

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