External Examiners' Handbook

Welcome to Oxford Brookes University

Thank you for agreeing to become an external examiner at Brookes. I hope you will enjoy working with colleagues at the University and - for some of you - at the partner organisations who deliver programmes of study leading to Oxford Brookes awards.

Our external examiners (around 300 are currently employed on taught programmes across the University) play a key role in helping the University maintain the academic and professional standards of its award, and in providing advice to programme teams on how to improve the quality of the student learning experience. Faculty staff, collaborative partners and University managers value the suggestions for enhancement that are made by external examiners, and I hope that you will develop mutually beneficial working relationships during your time as an examiner at Brookes.

You may be familiar with the role of the external examiner from your experience in your own institution, but institutions differ in their approaches to programme delivery and assessment, and this handbook is intended to be an accessible online reference guide to help external examiners understand the policies and systems at Oxford Brookes, and to help you to fulfil your role effectively.

At the time of writing - like all UK universities – our working practices have been considerably changed by the Covid-19 pandemic, so please do keep in touch with your Programme Lead for details of how this affects your role.

Liz Turner
Deputy Director (Academy Policy and Regulations)

External Examiners' Handbook

The handbook is divided into three sections.

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