Accreditation of prior learning

The principles underpinning the recognition of prior learning (certificated or experiential) which has taken place outside the University, and how the credit assigned may be used at Oxford Brookes, are set out in the Regulations for Study (section 3.7).

Key points to remember are that:

  • Applications for the recognition of prior learning may be made at any point of a programme.
  • Credit can only be awarded in the multiples used on the programme against which it is being sought, i.e. in respect of whole modules or stages/levels of a programme.
  • A robust process must take place to assess the equivalence of learning outcomes, and evidence of the assessment process must be available for scrutiny by external examiners.
  • The responsibility for awarding credit for prior learning lies with the relevant examination committee, and appeals of APL decisions should be made through the normal academic appeals process.
  • Students awarded exemption from aspects of a programme through APL or APEL should be provided with information about how their final award classification will be calculated if it will differ from the standard calculation.
  • Credit awarded through APL or APEL is recorded on the transcript.