Examination committees

As noted in the Regulations for Study (section 2.5), examination committees are a key element of the University’s framework for safeguarding the academic standards of its awards. The purpose of examination committees is – on behalf of the Academic Board - to assess students in accordance with the regulations applying to the programme/s under consideration (including any professional requirements), and make recommendations for progression, or the conferment of academic awards on students who have demonstrated they have met the requirements of the award.

Examination Committees are responsible for:

  • confirming module marks;
  • confirming progression and awards;
  • approving recommendations for the award of credit for prior learning (APL) against the requirements of the programme/s;
  • confirming the award of any University prizes associated with the programme/s;
  • approving allowances to be made for any exceptional circumstances claims that have been accepted for students on the programme/s;
  • considering the implications for progression and award where penalties have been imposed in relation to academic conduct investigations;
  • deciding on the action to be taken where it has been found that the marking on a module contributing to the programme/s is unreliable or invalid.

There must be an Examination Committee for every approved programme of study leading to an Oxford Brookes award – as appropriate, a single examination committee may be responsible for a group of related programmes of study. Templates for the terms of reference for examination committees can be downloaded from the Academic Board & Sub-Committees Google site. The terms of reference for examination committees overseeing programmes delivered through collaborative arrangement must be set out in the Operations Manual governing the partnership.