Our partnership with O.C. Tanner

Over the latter part of 2021, we partnered with O.C. Tanner, an external consultancy, to carry out a number of feedback and listening activities, which included a culture survey completed by more than 1,100 staff across the University.

The information and insight gained from these activities will inform the development of our People & Culture strategy.

Find out more about O.C. Tanner and its work on culture on the O.C. Tanner website.

You can find out more about the O.C. Tanner work here at Oxford Brookes and the results from it by following the links below.

In addition to looking at measures such as job satisfaction, employee engagement and the net promoter score, the O.C. Tanner Culture Assessment uses their Talent Magnet framework.

This page provides information about the framework and what each of the six areas is focused on.

Talent Magnet™ framework

Employees are attracted to work for, engage with, and remain at organisations that excel in these 6 areas.

Your Culture Assessment™ provides measurement in each of these critical areas of Great Culture.

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Great culture- purpose, leadership, wellbeing, appreciation, success and opportunity
Three people standing and sitting at a desk


The articulation and collective 'buy in' of the purpose of the organisation .

A goal beyond profit maximization that resonates across the organisation and inspires all employees to contribute.

The organisation’s reason for being.

Five people standing and sitting at a desk working on a project


The commitment of an organisation to help employees feel challenged, not just provide promotional opportunities to a chosen few.

Providing opportunities to develop new skills.

Enabling employees to contribute to projects they are proud of, more than just the 'day to day'.

People sitting at a desk throwing paper in the air


Playing on a winning team.

The deliberate removal of barriers to greatness that allows employees to innovate, helps the company grow, and enables them to make a difference.

The buzz and commitment to accomplishment in oneself and others is embedded within the organisation

A person being congratulated by colleagues


Feeling valued for one’s unique point of view, attitude, talents and contributions.

Contributing factors may include compensation and benefits, but more importantly trust and responsibilities, interactions with others, authentic and sincere recognition.

A person stretching sat at a desk


The organisation cares about the whole person, not just one’s performance as an 'employee'.

Wellbeing comprises of a happy, healthy, fulfilling life, including physical, social, emotional, and financial dimensions.

Note that health screenings and counting steps are important, but wellbeing should go beyond merely physical health.

Two staff members working together


Exploring true leaders people love to follow, not 'bosses'.

Contributing factors include things like shared influence and decision making, inspiring people with vision and purpose, mentorship, cultivating a sense of camaraderie, making people feel like part of a winning team, and providing support for accomplishing goals.

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