Stage 4 - Go-live and transition

Going live and transitioning smoothly into business as usual (BAU)

It is at this stage that the project goes live and transitions to a business as usual operational state, to be managed and controlled by the business owner. The business must be satisfied that what the project has delivered is fit for purpose and will enable them to realise the project benefits that they are accountable for.

The PM must ensure all products / project deliverables are complete and signed off by the business, confirming they meet quality acceptance criteria. Results of user acceptance testing (UAT) should be reported, along with feedback to demonstrate that any training activity has delivered expected outcomes - i.e. the business are confident they have the knowledge and skills to manage the products.

The PM will liaise with the business to develop a detailed transition plan. For major projects this process could involve significant planning time and effort, involving various stakeholders. It is critical that this transition planning is robust.

The PM should complete the service readiness report - note this can, and should, be tailored to the project - as long as it contains a sufficient level assurance of readiness.

The PM should also ensure the benefits management plan is up to date, as this should be reviewed at this gateway.

Key actions

  • Liaise with sponsor, senior user and other users and stakeholders to develop a robust transition plan.
  • Ensure adequate testing / UAT has been undertaken and signed off, giving assurance that the project deliverables / products have met the prescribed quality standards / user acceptance criteria.
  • Ensure adequate training / knowledge transfer and confidence in the business to manage the products post-project.
  • Update and finalise the benefits management plan.
  • Complete the service readiness report, approve by the sponsor and present for board approval.