Posthumous awards

In the first instance, the Programme Lead or Dean of Faculty should contact the parents/family of the deceased student to establish whether or not they would object to their relative's achievements being recognised by the University, and if their response is positive, if they would like to attend the ceremony to receive the award. The Programme Lead or Dean of Faculty should then liaise with the Head of the Graduation Office to arrange the details for the awards ceremony.

We should recognise the next highest award that the student was qualified for, e.g. a student who has completed Stage l of the course would be recommended for the award of a Diploma of Higher Education, a student who had entered the final year (defined as having passed 8 acceptable module credits) would be awarded a degree. An Honours degree would be awarded where 12 acceptable module credits had been passed and the class of degree based on the normal method of calculation. Foundation Diplomas and Graduate Diplomas would be awarded on the same basis to students who were registered for such awards. Please see the UMP Regulations - A1.1.10 Posthumous Awards.