Subject Examination Committee

Role of the Subject Examination Committee

The Subject Examination Committee (SEC) will meet to consider the progress of students that are in foundation year, level 4, level 5 or level 6, and note the awards to be made for graduating students. A SEC is responsible for assessment of specified modules and for considering student progress on specified subjects. It is also responsible for considering requests to change into the subject(s) covered by the committee.


Membership of SEC will be as follows:

  • A Dean of Faculty (or his or her nominee) or Programme Lead (as Chair). SEC Chair to be confirmed by Faculty QLIC each Academic Year.
  • External Examiner(s) responsible for the group of modules
  • All module leaders responsible for the group of modules under consideration

The specific structure of SECs and the chair will be approved from time to time as appropriate Faculty QLIC each academic year. Each SEC is responsible for the award of marks to all students on the modules for which it and its External Examiner(s) are responsible. However, each subject is the responsibility of a specific SEC and it is that SEC which is responsible for monitoring the student records and making recommendations to the Undergraduate Confirmation Forum (UCF) on the progress of and awards to students on the subject and on any recommendations for an Examination Committee letter. 

Where a subject includes modules from more than one subject or Faculty, discussions are expected to take place between the two subjects to ensure that correct mark moderations, proposed exam committee decisions and awards are being made.