Cause for Concern Groups

If a number of staff from different areas of the University are involved in working with a complex student case, it can be useful to set up a Cause for Concern Group.

The purpose of a Cause for Concern Group is to:

  • Resolve the situation as quickly as possible in the best interests of the student/s involved, staff involved in supporting the student/s and the University as a whole
  • Ensure that the appropriate colleagues are involved in responding to the situation and supporting the student/s
  • Provide support for colleagues responding to difficult or stressful situations
  • Coordinate responses, share information and keep everyone informed, whilst having due regard for confidentiality

How to set up a Cause for Concern Group

  1. Contact the Student Welfare Manager or any member of the University’s standing Case Conference Group – they will advise on whether a Cause for Concern Group is needed.
  2. Identify a ‘Lead person’. This may be the person who has the most contact with the student.
  3. Wherever possible, a student should be informed that a Cause for Concern Group will be convened in order to coordinate the best possible support, and asked to provide written consent for information to be shared. If this is not possible, the Case Conference Group can provide further guidance.
  4. The Lead person is responsible for confirming membership of the group and setting up an Action Log.
  5. The group may meet in person, but much of its work is likely to be done via email and telephone. The group will agree and coordinate actions in response to the situation, escalating or referring as appropriate.
  6. All members of the group can access the Action Log, which should be updated regularly. This helps avoid the need for the exchange of emails containing sensitive information.
  7. The group should be dissolved when the situation is resolved or escalated/referred to another service.


To contact the Case Conference Group, email: