General managers briefing guide

The Default Retirement Age (DRA) of 65 has been removed from legislation by the Government. Alongside raising the state pension entitlement age this represents a move in Government strategy to encourage people to work for longer. Staff now need to resign in order to retire from work.

Age Discrimination legislation outlines that a member of staff should not be treated more or less favourably because of their age, unless this can be objectively justified as a proportionate response to a legitimate aim. It is therefore important, even before specific discussions about the future, to avoid making assumptions based on a staff member’s age, as this may also present potential for direct or indirect age discrimination:

To best support staff during their transition into retirement, it is important to be mindful of the potential impact the change may have on your staff member. Whilst many staff may embrace this future change, others may be more apprehensive about the journey.

It is helpful to recognise that each staff member will approach and cope differently with their transition into retirement. The following are some helpful suggestions to help managers to best support staff during their transition into retirement.

Suggestions and advice

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