Managing capability performance

It is essential to recognise that concerns in relation to the performance of any staff member, including staff who may be approaching or beyond pensionable age, is addressed using the University's policies and procedures for managing capability and performance.

Managers are expected to encourage their staff to maintain a high standard of performance, and to address instances of performance that fall below this level whenever they may occur.

The following tips are good practice for managing all staff:

  • Fully utilise the PDR to discuss best performance with all employees: reviewing performance against objectives, setting future objectives, assessing development and support needs, and exploring future departmental plans (and employee aims and aspirations) and the impact these may have;
  • Hold regular one-to-ones with all staff throughout the year;
  • Set clear and achievable work objectives for all staff;
  • Provide / arrange appropriate support and training to address any skills needs;
  • Don’t avoid/delay addressing under-performance issues, seek to identify the cause of the issue and a possible resolution promptly, and provide reasonable opportunity (and appropriate support where relevant) for the employee to improve performance;
  • Manage any performance management issues consistently for staff of all ages;
  • Avoid age-related judgements about capability;
  • Use a risk management approach for early identification of potential health risks due to age;
  • Reasonable adjustments / job changes may need to be considered, e.g. where an age-related disability develops;
  • Consult HR where you have concerns.