What are your options

With the end of the statutory default retirement age each member of staff needs to consider their personal retirement situation and their options.

Check your eligibility for entitlement to receive Oxford Brookes pensions

The various pension schemes offered by Oxford Brookes provide different early retirement and flexible/phased retirement options.

Flexible/phased retirement allows members to draw some or all of their pension benefits, carry on working in reduced capacity (reduced FTE or grade) and carry on building up pension benefits.

See early retirement options to review each scheme’s options.

Check your eligibility for claiming State Pension entitlement

Establish your eligibility for claiming State Pension entitlement.

You usually have to claim your State Pension - it isn't normally paid automatically, unless you are receiving certain benefits before you reach State Pension age. You can claim your state pension even if you are still working.

The Pension Advisory Service has a useful section which collates various information related to the state pension provision.