Associate Lecturer role profile (grade 8)


  • Communicates complex concepts and ideas to students at undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels.
  • Communicates regularly with colleagues on matters related to the educational process and student progress at Brookes.
  • Contributes as part of the teaching team to the design and implementation of written course materials, guides and those documents associated with Quality Assurance.

Teamwork, Motivation and Managing people

  • Develops productive and effective working relationships with academic and administrative colleagues.
  • Contributes collaboratively as part of the teaching team to ensure that the planned quality of the teaching and learning experience is fully achieved.

Liaison and networking

  • Liaises with others as appropriate as part of a teaching team responsible for quality assurance, and/or implementation, and the student experience.

Teaching and Learning Support

  • Delivers teaching and learning activities at the undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels, using appropriate materials and methods, devised and /or selected by the role holder.
  • Undertakes individual tutorial sessions, supervises projects and dissertations, manages external student activity which contributes to the student learning experience (e.g. Fieldwork trips and work placements).
  • Sets, marks and assesses course work and examination material, and participates in awarding processes at School and University level.

Pastoral Care

  • Acts as a first point of contact in providing pastoral support and guidance to students within tutorial provision and refers students on to their Academic Adviser as appropriate.

Initiative, Problem-solving and Decision Making

  • Contributes collaboratively with others in the teaching team to the continuous development of course content, structures and materials, making proposals to ensure that the School’s academic/student experience goals are delivered.
  • Contributes collaboratively to course accreditation and other quality control/assurance processes.
  • Deals appropriately with problems of student performance, progression and assessment (in conjunction with other colleagues).

Sensory, physical and emotional demands

  • Uses PC/laptop and other presentation/audio-visual equipment.

Work environment

  • Based in office, laboratory or teaching rooms.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Possesses sufficient breadth or depth of specialist knowledge to be able to effectively work within and contribute to the established teaching programmes.
  • Capacity to use a range of delivery techniques that will engage students and provide an appropriate high level student learning experience.