Restructuring and reorganisation

1. These notes have been drawn up to assist managers and members of staff in handling a restructuring or a reorganisation within a Faculty or Directorate which does not involve redundancies. (See Handling redundancies and redeployment procedure).

2. In all cases of restructuring or reorganisation, managers are expected to consult with the staff concerned through the provision of a document which sets out the proposals for change, and the objectives of the change(s). Any modifications to job descriptions and/or person specifications should also be provided, together with any available information on gradings.

3. Following initial consultants with staff, managers should reach as firm but provisional decision on the restructuring / reorganisation proposal in consultation with their HR Business Partner. In particular, they should refer any changes in job descriptions to the HR Business Partner and the Grading Panel.

4. Where a restructuring/ reorganisation involves five or more posts and at least one actual or potential grading change, managers will consult with Human Resources, the staff and the appropriate union to determine a procedure for appointment to the posts within the new structure. This will normally involve a consideration of automatic redeployment where old and new posts are closely aligned, and an internal competition for new or upgraded posts. Where one or more posts within the new structure are graded lower than the current posts, the employees affected will be offered one or more of the following: redeployment, two years salary protection and a potential redeployment via the register, a redundancy payment.

5. Where a restructuring / reorganisation involves less than five posts and no changes to grades, managers will consult with staff appropriately as in para 2 before implementing the changes. Staff affected can use the grievance procedure to deal with any difficulties which may arise.

Last reviewed: December 2009