Staff Disability Network profiles

These profiles are an initiative from the Staff Disability Network to help promote the diversity of our community at Oxford Brookes. We hope that profiling disabled staff will show prospective and current staff and students that the University is an inclusive and positive place where you can feel confident and supported at work or study.

If you would be interested to add your profile, please contact Jane Butcher (

Liz Drewett

Web & DTP Administrator, Human Resources

"As there is still a stigma attached to mental health issues it is important to help others understand my illness. I have been lucky to be in a department where people have reassured me and want to be supportive."

Rose Scofield

Course Leader for BSc Equine Science/Equine Science and Thoroughbred Management, UK Associated Colleges & Apprenticeships

"Disabled role models are really important, as many young people have no expectation of how well they can actually do in life, without access to someone who can share their particular experiences."

Sahand Parvizi

Information Adviser, Academic and Student Administration

"I believe it is vital disability is not treated as taboo and that we pave the way for future generations to navigate the extra hurdles disabled people need to jump."

Trudy Ing

Schools and Colleges Liaison Manager, Directorate of Marketing, Recruitment and Engagement

"I was 35 when I was first informed that I had dyslexia to me I was overjoyed to learn it had a name and I was wired differently when it came to learning."