At Oxford Brookes University, coaching is available for all staff via the Brookes Coaching Pool. This group comprises professionally qualified, experienced staff who offer coaching to colleagues on a range of work-related issues. Occasionally, it is more appropriate to work with an external coach and we have a database of trusted external coaches we can recommend.

What is coaching?

Many high-achieving people use coaching to help them achieve success in their careers. Coaching is a powerful intervention for personal and professional development.

Coaching provides you with an opportunity to work confidentially on work-related issues with a skilled listener. Your coach helps you to clarify your thoughts and feelings in order to deal resourcefully and creatively with the complex world of work. Coaching can help foster inner resilience to external pressures. It is especially helpful in times of change.

People bring a wide range of issues to coaching from major organisational challenges to more personal matters which may be impacting on their work performance. Examples include setting strategy, operational issues, work/life balance, transitions to a new role, returning to work after parental leave, confidence issues and career development.

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