PDR scheme

The Oxford Brookes’ Performance and Development Review (PDR) consists of an annual PDR with a reviewer (from April to July each year*) and is normally supported by regular 1:1 meetings throughout the year. 

Its purpose is to enable you to be effective in your job and fulfil your personal, professional and career development ambitions - for your benefit and the benefit of Brookes within a context of continuous improvement.

Your annual PDR involves completing an annual PDR form and having a meeting with your reviewer – to review your achievements against your work-related and developmental objectives during the past year and agree your work-related and developmental objectives for the coming year. 

At regular 1:1 meetings, you can discuss your work, progress with your work-related and developmental objectives (updating them as appropriate), challenges you are facing and how you might overcome them, feedback received and any other relevant issues.

Your work-related and developmental objectives should be aligned to faculty or directorate objectives and should be SMART (specific, measurable, agreed, realistic/relevant and time-bound). To facilitate this, senior teams will communicate faculty and directorate objectives and any other relevant information (e.g. vision, mission and strategy, department/team values or department/team plans) to staff before or during the annual PDR round – with regular updates on progress at team briefings throughout the following academic year. 

If you are research-active, please reference your Personal Research Plan (PRP) in your PDR and attach a copy of your Personal Research Plan to your PDR. 

Annual PDRs should be considered for Associate Lecturers (ALs) with a significant teaching commitment which impacts on the student experience. 

*For some areas of the University this represents a particularly busy time of the year so these areas may opt to hold their PDRs at a later time.