Reviewee guidance for professional services and technical staff

The following questions can help you

  • How far have you achieved last year’s work-related and developmental objectives?
  • What were your main challenges last year? How did you overcome them? What else do you need to do? What challenges are foreseen for the coming year? How can you overcome them?
  • What feedback have you received and acted on? (from students, colleagues, service users etc).
  • For student facing staff, are you adhering to the Brookes Charter.
  • What changes have you experienced in the last year? (e.g. new ways of working, restructure, the HE environment, technology, legislation, etc). How have you dealt with them?
  • What has been your contribution to the student experience and the staff experience?
  • How confident are you using systems and processes? (e.g. Google, Microsoft Office, Zoom, E5, Online Expense Claims, Room Bookings CMISGo, Employment policy, etc).
  • How effectively have you worked with others?
  • What mentoring and coaching have you undertaken to support others?
  • How have you demonstrated the Brookes Guiding Principles and associated behaviours?
  • How have you developed your own knowledge and skills in relation to the specific areas of inclusive practice?
  • What has been the practical impact of this on your own professional practice and behaviour in the workplace?
  • How have you encouraged/supported your colleagues in their knowledge development to embrace diversity and inclusivity?
  • How has your development helped you? What have you learned from your experiences?
  • What are your proposed work-related and developmental objectives and plans for the coming year (to be aligned with Directorate/Faculty objectives and Departmental plans)? Using SMART (specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time-bound) may be helpful.
  • What help and support do you need?

Supporting information