In our halls of residence, we try to do our best to be the most sustainable we can. We run Waste Weeks on our @BrookesResidences Instagram with useful tips to reduce energy, waste and water consumption. 

Throughout the year, we organise an interhall waste competition. This helps students to educate and improve their waste management habits.

Oxford Brookes is proudly part of the SOS-UK Green Impact scheme. We achieved a Bronze award for 2022/2023 and will be continuing to grow and develop the scheme into 2023/2024.

NUS Green Impact Bronze Award Logo

Rewilding projects within our halls

In 2023 we created two more rewilding projects in the halls! These projects are an excellent opportunity to increase the biodiversity and transform spaces. They encourage a positive environmental hub for local flowers and wildlife across our halls of residence. The projects also positively impact the physical and mental wellbeing of our residents.

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