Frequently asked questions

These frequently asked questions relate to loans and financial aid awards offered by Oxford Brookes University.

For information regarding United States loans, please see United States Student Loans.

Graduating students - deadlines

The purpose of financial aid is to help students reach the end of their course. If you are graduating, you therefore need to apply in time for your application to be considered by your completion date.

Deadlines are usually at least 4 weeks before your completion date. If you're unsure of your completion date or of the application deadline, do email us at

Expected completion date for your courseDeadline for receipt of your financial aid application and all supporting documents
August 2023Friday 14 July 2023
September 2023Friday 18 August 2023
December 2023Friday  17 November 2023
January 2024Friday 15 December 2023
May 2024Friday 12 April 2024
June 2024Friday 10 May 2024
July 2024Friday 14 June 2024
August 2024Friday 12 July 2024