Postgraduate Academic English support

  • If you are a taught postgraduate, a research student or a visiting researcher and your first language is not English, you need to quickly develop the specific academic language knowledge and communication skills needed to perform as effectively as possible in your studies and research.

    Postgraduate Academic English Courses

  • This course is not currently running in Semester 1 but online resources are available by enrolling on Moodle.

    This short course aims to help you adapt to reading Academic English texts. The content of the course includes:

    • dealing with reading lists
    • selecting appropriate texts
    • understanding text organisation
    • identifying arguments within texts
    • reading critically

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    This 9-week course is designed to familiarise you with the conventions of different academic text types, and to give you the skills you need to succeed in your own academic writing.

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    These short courses are designed to give you the skills and confidence needed to succeed in Postgraduate speaking tasks.

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    This short course aims to help you develop your Academic English writing skills as you approach your dissertation. The content of the course includes:

    • possible dissertation structures
    • identifying a research question
    • writing your introduction
    • writing a literature review
    • structuring a discussion
    • writing critically

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    This non-credit bearing module is available to all postgraduate students in the Business School. This module focuses on developing the academic writing and reading skills required when undertaking postgraduate level study in a business context. It focuses on skills relevant to a range of texts, particularly on research articles, business research reports, case studies, essays and critical reviews.

    It is particularly suitable for postgraduate students of business who have had little or no previous Academic English training or study experience.

    There are three parts to the assessment on this module:

    1. A short text on what you perceive to be your academic writing needs.
    2. Submission of a piece of your work for another module in order to receive feedback on your use of English.
    3. A short reflective action plan for the development of your Academic English.
    Stefani Goga

    Module Leader

    Stefani Goga


  • Academic English Consultations

    For postgraduate students who would like feedback and support with Academic English, we offer online Academic English consultations. A limited number are available each week. Click below for details.

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    In addition to the above, all students at Brookes can access tutorials in study skills, mathematics and statistics and use our collection of online resources.

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