Mathematics and statistics

Many courses at Oxford Brookes require you to either develop new skills and understanding in mathematics or statistics or revisit aspects that you have not had to use for a long time. The Centre for Academic Development can help you to develop your skills, understanding and confidence.

Individual tutorials

Mathematics and statistics tutorials are free, friendly and confidential so email or call us for a 1:1 appointment, giving as much detail as you can about the issues you would like to address. 


This semester we have three statistics workshops available for you to book, both online and in-person. 

We also have a math's study skills workshop, if you would like a refresher on how to revise math's or find online resources!

Follow the link below for more information and to book.

Mathematics resources

Maths work on a whiteboard

It may be a while since you last studied mathematics or had to use your mathematical skills, so we have created a page that links to some external online resources that may be helpful.

Statistics resources

Our statistics pages can help you understand and describe different types of data, and guide you to an appropriate statistical test.

In addition to the support available through the Centre for Academic Development, students who wish to develop their statistical analysis skills may also be interested in opportunities to develop skills in the use of specific software such as SPSS or Excel, available through IT training.

Statistics tutorial