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  • Maths and stats

    Many courses at Oxford Brookes require you to either develop new skills and understanding in maths or stats or revisit aspects that you have not had to use for a long time. The Centre for Academic Development can help you to develop your skills, understanding and confidence.

    Maths and stats tutorials are free, friendly and confidential so email or call us for an appointment.

    We also offer a range of online maths and stats resources below. 

    Online resources for maths and stats

    A group of UK universities have developed the Mathcentre and Statstutor websites with resources for anyone at any level in a range of formats, from 3G mobile to video.

    Use their coloured menus (or our links below) to take you to materials grouped in different ways – everything is organised A-Z so it's easy to find what you want.

  • Simple statistical techniques explained, including what the method is for, worked examples and instructions for applying the technique using SPSS with a test data file to practice on.

    • Khan Academy - Education on a mission. Here you can practise maths at your own pace. You can start at the most basic (yes! 1+1) and work your way up to where you want to go. Or dive into a topic, with hints on how to tackle it and a video showing how. And much, much more... explore!