International and EU students

Are you an international student and new to UK recruitment practices, or maybe just in need of some support and guidance? We offer one-to-one advice and guidance and practical support in job searching, applications, preparing for interviews and lots more. We can help during your programme of study and also for up to 3 years after you have graduated. See How we can help for more information on how we can support you.

Working in the UK

You may want to work in the UK, either during or after your degree, and the UK job market may be unfamiliar to you. We understand that, and Careers are here to help. 

We will guide and support you as we know and understand the challenges international students face. We do not find ‘jobs’ for students, but we can help with your own research, and also with every step of the recruitment process. 

You can search for job vacancies on our Careers Portal Jobteaser

Working outside the UK

Alternatively, you may want to return home to work, or perhaps work in another country outside the UK. Careers can help with that too. You can speak to a Careers Consultant or an Information Team staff member about this, and you can also use our resources GoinGlobal. GoinGlobal hosts comprehensive careers guides on working and living in 42 different countries and 32 global cities including information on:

  • Finding a job and hiring opportunities
  • Recruitment processes
  • Visas and work permits
  • Living there
  • Professional networking.

Careers talks and events for international students

We regularly host bespoke workshops for international students. You can register for these on our Careers PortalYou can also attend a wide range of different Careers workshops aimed at all students as well as employer and recruitment events.

Making yourself more employable

Work on your English as much as you can during your time at university and for support on study skills, including Academic English, visit the Centre for Academic Development.

Take advantage of the many Brookes Societies and get involved as much as you can so you can show employers how you have used your time well at university. 

Immigration advice

Careers cannot advise you on your specific immigration situation in relation to permission to work during or after your studies. We can direct you to accurate resources and other services such as the Oxford Brookes International Student Advice Team, who are designated immigration advisers within the University.

UKCISA (The Council for International Student Affairs) has some excellent and comprehensive information for international and EEA students on working in the UK during your studies and after graduation.