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    Welcoming New International Students to Brookes

    Global Buddies gives a warm and friendly welcome to new international students at Brookes through our programme. Are you looking to make new friends from all four corners of the globe and transition into Oxford life quickly? It doesn’t matter whether you are shy or outgoing, anyone can join!

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    Now closed for Semester 2 (January to May 2021).

    What is Global Buddies?

    Global Buddies runs every semester and brings together our current UK and current international students, who we call Mentors, with newly arrived international students, called Buddies, through organised events and activities. Many of these events are free or subsidised, and our Events team has even organised the first 6 weeks (see below), so bring your enthusiasm along and eagerness with you to make new friends. Groups are also free to organise their own activities! Please note: due to Covid-19 and in order to follow university guidelines, we will not be able to provide the same type of activities this semester.

    Mentors can share their experiences and provide tips about how to settle into life at Brookes and Oxford, and new international students will share their unique experiences and culture. 

    How does it work?

    Once registrations are closed, we match students based on their interests - languages and hobbies. We usually have 2 or 3 Mentors (a mix of current UK students and current international students) and 3 to 5 Buddies, but this may vary depending on the number of students who register for the programme. There will be a maximum of 6 Oxford-based students per group to comply with current government guidelines.

    When the groups are formed, we will email you the contact details of your group. You are then free to start getting in touch with each other before the Initial Catch-Up. We recommend you attend three activities with your group each semester.

    More about how groups are matched can be found in our FAQs.

    GB group diagram

    How do I join?

    To join, you need to:

    1. Complete the Google registration form below. Please note: the forms for Buddies and Mentor are different, make sure you complete the one applicable to you.

    2. Read the Rules & Regulations document, sign it to confirm you agree with it, and email the signed copy to global-buddies@brookes.ac.uk.

    Make sure you have read all the information available on this webpage before signing up to the programme.

    Sign up to be a Global Buddy this September

    Please make sure you are filling out the correct form and downloading the correct Rules document, they are different for Buddies and Mentors. There will be a delay in processing your registration if you are completing the wrong documents.

    To apply as a Mentor, you MUST have already done at least one semester at Brookes.

    Registration deadline for Semester 2: Wednesday 20 January 2021, 5pm (British time)

    Due to the high number of registrations we receive each semester, we are unable to send an email to each individual student to confirm we have safely received their registration form and signed Rules & Regulations document. We will however email you w/c 20 January to confirm whether you have successfully signed up for the programme. If you don’t hear from us by 25 January, please email global-buddies@brookes.ac.uk.

    If you have any questions regarding the registration process and you cannot find the answer in the FAQ, please don’t hesitate to email global-buddies@brookes.ac.uk.

    Buddies - New International Students

    Why should you join?

    Starting at university can be a challenging time, especially if you are also travelling to a new country and adjusting to a new culture. Being part of Global Buddies helps make this experience a positive and rewarding one.

    • A great way to make new friends from around the globe and have intercultural experiences.
    • Settle into Oxford life more quickly.
    • Share your unique culture with others and spread intercultural awareness.
    • Make new friends from around the globe.
    • Learn more about the British culture through our Mentors as well as other cultures.

    Mentors - Current Students

    You can become a mentor if you are a current UK or current international student and you will be responsible for leading a group of new international students to help them integrate into UK life and encourage them to make new friends. To apply as a Mentor, you MUST have already done at least one semester at Brookes.

    Why become a Mentor?

    • A great way to make new friends from around the globe and have intercultural experiences.
    • Being part of a peer mentoring scheme looks great on your CV.
    • Increases employability through transferable skills, such as team building and leadership.
    • Opportunity to join an informal mentor catch-up to share tips and experience with other mentors.
    • Develop essential work-related skills by attending free Mentor Skill Sessions

    Mentor Skills Sessions

    Attendance is not compulsory and you can choose which session(s) you want attend. You will get a Certificate of Training Completion for each session attended. Registrations are now open - please use this "Mentor Skills Sessions" Registration form

    Date/time Session

    Wednesday 24 February, 12.00-13.00

    Planning inclusive activities delivered by Solenn Robert

    Friday 12 March, 14.00-15.00

    Communication & Collaboration Skills delivered by Sally Saca

    Tuesday 23 March, 12.30-13.30

    CV & Transferable Skills delivered by Careers 

    Rewards on Completion

    To successfully complete the programme, you need to keep in touch with your group once a week and attend 3 activities together during the semester. More information will be shared with students who are taking part in the programme.

    Students who successfully complete the programme will be entitled to:

    • Receive a Certificate of Participation 
    • Complete BrookesEDGE STAR entries under "Communication" and "Working with Others"
    • Mentors will receive a certificate if they complete all the Mentor Skill Sessions

    To be eligible to receive a Certificate of Participation, please send us a proof that you have completed the three activities with your group by sending a photo or screenshot for each activity plus a 200 word paragraph about your experience of being on the programme. Please note, you cannot apply as a group – each member needs to email individually. You should send the photos and paragraph between 19 March and 30 April. You must meet the deadline in order to receive the Certificate of Participation.

  • Global Buddies Events

    Due to Covid-19 and in order to follow university guidelines, we will not be able to provide the same type of activities this semester. We encourage you to join activities which are already organised at Brookes, by ISAT, Brookes Union or Brookes Sport for example. Please always remember to follow government’s guidelines, keep social distancing and not to put yourself or your group at risk.

    Week / date Activity

    Week 2

    Tuesday 2 February


    Initial Catch-Up - online

    It’s time to meet your group! We will start with a short introduction with all students. Each group will then be sent to a specific break-out room, which will give a chance to Mentors and Buddies to get to know each other. This session is compulsory and will be hosted on Zoom, the link will be available closer to the date.

    Week 3

    8-14 February

    Storytelling Week

    Celebrate Storytelling Week - choose one (or more!) activity below:

    • Story Competition. Create a short story with your group: you can use any medium - eg. it could be a written, audio or photo story. Send us your story at global-buddies@brookes.ac.uk. Each member of the winning group will get a £10 Amazon voucher. Submission deadline: 28 February, 5pm.
    • Share a traditional tale from your home country with your group
    • Play Pictionary online

    Week 4

    15-21 February

    Pancake Week

    Make pancakes and share the photos with your group! You could also share pancake recipes from your home countries - for some inspiration, see this Buzzfeed article.

    Week 5

    22-28 February

    Suggested activities

    Pick one of our suggested activities or organise your own! We’ve only selected affordable or free activities. (This section will be updated closer to the date, to comply with the latest government guidelines. Please note that face-to-face activities with your group may not be allowed).

    • Attend a gym class with Brookes Sport
    • Organise an online quiz on Kahoot!
    • Have a chat online
    • Organise a Netflix watch party 
    • More ideas and suggestions below (see Online Activities Suggestions)

    Week 6

    1-7 March 

    World Wildlife Day Competition

    Take a photo or video of each member of your group with wildlife, either flora or fauna and send them to global-buddies@brookes.ac.uk. Each member of the winning group will get a £10 Amazon voucher. Submission deadline: 21 March, 5pm.

    Online Activities Suggestions

    Online chat
    Organise a chat with your group on Google Meet, Whatsapp or another platform

    ISAT online events
    Join one of the online activities organised by ISAT this semester - check out the ISAT Social Events pages

    Brookes Union online events
    Go to the Union events page for more information

    Attend an online art class together or follow a YouTube tutorial. Skillshare has lots of interesting art courses and offers a free trial week - make sure you unsubscribe before the end of the week, otherwise you’ll get charged

    Organise a baking competition with your group and share photos

    Ask one your group members to share a recipe from their home country and show the other how to make it. Alternatively, join a free online cookery class/tutorial.

    Organise a Netflix watch party or watch the same film/series and meet online to talk about it

    Organise a language practice session with the group members who can speak the same language, or ask one of your group members to tell the group about their mother tongue (and why not organise a short beginners' session to learn the basics!)

    Online games
    Play online multiplayer games by downloading the same app - there are lots of fun games you can download for free

    You can either organise your own (you can use “Kahoot!” to make it more interactive) or use a ready-made quiz online

    Do the same online exercise class ( Brookes Sport published some home workout videos during lockdown but there are lots of other free classes on YouTube)

    Playing board games
    Junkyard golf
    Ice skating