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    Welcoming new international students to Brookes

    Starting at university can be a challenging time, especially if you are also travelling to a new country. Being part of Global Buddies helps make this experience a positive and rewarding one.

    The Global Buddies programme brings together our current UK and international students with newly arrived international students. Current students (mentors) can share their experience and provide tips about how to settle into life at Brookes and new international students will share their unique experiences and culture.

    There will be a number of free and subsidised organised events (see below) that you can go to with your Buddies as well arranging your own activities. This is a great way to make friends from all over the globe, and being part of a peer mentoring scheme looks great on your CV.

    How does it work?

    To participate in this scheme, you will be expected to:

    • Register online before Thursday 23 January 2020, 11am (registrations will open mid-December 2019)
    • Attend the welcome event on Wednesday 29 January from 17:45 to 19:45. Current students (mentors) must also attend the training session on Wednesday 29 January 15:45 to 16:45. Mentors and new students will meet during the event
    • Keep in contact with your buddies at least once a week
    • Meet up with your buddies at least twice
    • Be inclusive of everyone within your group
    • Choose appropriate events to do with your buddies. Remember not all students are comfortable going to clubs and pubs
    • Be ready to share your culture with others and have an open mind so you can learn from your buddies

    At the end of the semester, buddies who have successfully completed the activity will be entitled to:

    •   A BrookesID "International Peer Supporter" achievement
    •   A Certificate of Participation

    Global Buddies events - Semester 2

     Date and time


    Week 1

    Wednesday 29 January

    17:45-19:45 (from 15:45 for current students)

    Global Buddies Welcome Event

    First meeting with your buddies.

    Booking: free event, but registration to the Global Buddies programme required before Thursday 23 January, 11am.

    Location: Headington campus. Room details will be sent to students who have registered. 


    Week 2

    Wednesday 5 February

    17:45 - prompt arrival essential


    Junkyard Golf Club

    Join other Global Buddies for a new experience: a 9-hole jungle-themed crazy golf course in a club atmosphere!

    Please make sure you bring your ID and student card with you

    Booking: reduced-price tickets (£3) available from the online shop from 30 January

    Location: Westgate Oxford, Oxford OX1 1NU

    Week 3

    Monday 10 February



    Crafts, board games & snacks

    Enjoy a relaxed evening with your buddies. We’ll provide snacks.

    Crafts: origami, masks creation

    Board games include (but are not limited to): Cluedo, Oxford Monopoly, Scrabble, Jenga, Pictionnary, mikado and playing cards. You’re welcome to bring your own too!

    Booking: free event, registration required on the online shop (from 30 January)

    Location: JHB 204, Headington Campus

    Week 4

    Thursday 20 February



    Guided tour of historic Oxford pubs

    Join our guided tour with your buddies and discover the stories behind some of the oldest and most popular pubs in Oxford. Learn about their history and fascinating anecdotes. Find out why these places are so special in the everyday life of local people.

    If you want to buy a drink at the pubs, make sure you bring your ID with you.

    Booking: free event but booking on the online shop is required (from 5 February)

    Location: details about the meeting point will be sent to students who have successfully reserved a ticket for the tour.

    Week 5

    Friday 28 February

    17:45 - prompt arrival essential


    Escape Hunt

    Work together with your buddies to solve puzzles, beat the clock and escape!

    Booking: reduced-price tickets (£12) available from the online shop from 14 February

    Location: Westgate Centre, Oxford, OX1 1TR

    Week 6

    Thursday 5 March


    Dinner at the First Floor restaurant

    All-you-can-eat world buffet: Thai, Chinese, Indian cuisine and lots of desserts!

    Booking: registration required. 2 reduced-price tickets:

    • £3 for the super-discounted ticket. Available if you submit a 100-word report with a photo from an activity with your Global Buddies. Send an email to isat@brookes.ac.uk before Monday 2 March with your photo and paragraph, we will then send you a special link to book your super-discounted dinner on the online shop.
    • £8.50 for the discounted ticket, if you don’t submit the report. Book on the online shop from 20 February.

    Location: First Floor restaurant, Cowley

    Week 7 onwards

    Time for your own activities with your buddies

    Feel free to join ISAT events & day trips

    ISAT events »