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  • We match current UK students with new international students so each can learn from each other. The UK student will be able to help the international students settle into life in Oxford, show them the best places in town and in return the international students will bring the cultures of the world to Oxford. The scheme will help you develop your interpersonal and intercultural skills, make friends from all over the globe and gain an understanding of different cultures which looks great on your CV when it comes to applying for jobs. 

    To participate in this scheme, you must:
    - Attend the welcome event and the UK students must also attend the training session.
    - Keep in contact with your buddies at least once a week.
    - Meet up with your buddies at least twice.
    - Be inclusive of everyone within your group
    - Choose appropriate events to do with your buddies. Remember not all students are comfortable going to clubs and pubs.
    - Be ready to share your culture with others and have an open mind so you can learn from your buddies.

    We run a series of social events which you and your buddies are welcome to come to. Where possible, we ask you to attend at least 2 events and to give us feedback about your experience on the scheme both when it is working well and not so well.
    1. Events Global Buddies

      We are looking forward to hearing about your own socials with your buddies and/or other groups of buddies. ISAT is also open to suggestions of different activities, we will consider whether we can make them happen. Let us know your ideas! 

        WEEK 1- Wednesday 27th September, 17:00

        First meeting with your Buddies

        At The Terrace, John Henry Brookes Building (Headington Campus)

        WEEK 2- Monday 2 October to Sunday 8 October Time for your own social meetings with your buddies!
        Up to you!
        WEEK 3- Tuesday 10th October, 20:00-21:30 Guided tour: Historic Pubs in Oxford
        but you need a ticket from the online shop

        When you sign up meeting point will be sent to you by email

        WEEK 4- Tuesday 17th October, 19:00

        UK Buddies only social

        Cape of Good Hope -first drinks on us if you arrive before 19:30!

        WEEK 4- Thursday 19th October, 16:00-18:00

        Board games afternoon with tea and scones served

         Green Room, Headington Hill Hall  

        WEEK 5- Wednesday 25th October, 18:00

        Dinner at The First Floor Restaurant
        if you have met up with your buddies at least twice
        and sent us a selfie of you together, £7.50 from the online shop otherwise.

        The First Floor Restaurant, Cowley Road

        WEEK 6 & WEEK 7- Monday 30th October to Sunday 12th November

        Time for your own socials meeting with your Buddies!

         Up to you! 

        WEEK 8- Thursday 16th November, starts at 17:00  

        Final meeting with all the Buddies  Sports Centre Bar - first drink on us if you arrive before 18:00!
    2. ‘Every person is a door to a different world.’ I feel this completely sums up my experience as a Global Buddy. We all have our own stories to tell and our own ways of doing things. Sometimes it is when we are taken out of our comfort zone that we learn the most about the world and grow as an individual.

      Amy, Global Buddy-UK student

      Being a Global Buddy allowed me to explore my curiosity about British culture as well as the various international backgrounds of my buddies. This also enabled me think about my own identity. This is an amazing system to ‘bridge’ ties and bond regardless of the nation, and I am proud of being part of the scheme as it gave me the chance to spice up my life here at Brookes.

      Yumi, Global Buddy from Japan
    3. UK Current Students

      • Wednesday 27 September from 15:00 - 16:45 (room TBC)  Training Session  
      • Wednesday 27 September from 17:00 in the Terrace, JHBB Welcome Event 

      New International Students

      • Wednesday 27 September from 17:00 in the Terrace, JHBB Welcome Event 
      • Sign up for international students will open on Friday 22nd September