Graduate route visa

The Graduate route visa is a post-study work visa available for international students who wish to remain in the UK after their studies. On this visa, you can work in most roles or look for work.

To apply, you will need to:

  • be in the UK on your Student or Tier 4 visa
  • have completed the Bachelor or Masters degree, or PhD your visa was issued for (your results must have been officially released and the qualification approved through an examination board)
  • have your CAS number (if you do not have this, please contact us)
  • apply before your visa expires (if you have applied before your visa expires, you have permission to remain in the UK whilst you are waiting for the results of your visa application and you can work full-time).

After your results are officially released and you make your Graduate route application, the UKVI will contact the University to confirm your results if the university hasn't already confirmed them.

Please note that the UKVI regulations do not allow the University to issue a CAS to cover your resit period, or to await your results. Refer to our Resit and your Student visa webpage for more information.

Please see below for details of the eligibility requirements, the application process and conditions of this visa: