Work visas after studies

Graduate route updates - 10 May 2022

To apply for the Graduate route, Oxford Brookes needs to report to the UKVI which students have successfully completed their course and are in the UK. You don't need to wait to receive your certificate to apply for the Graduate Route visa. After your results are officially released and you make your Graduate route application, the UKVI will contact the University to confirm your results if the university hasn't already confirmed them. Please see our Graduate route visa web page for details.

For those who started their course by distance learning in 2020 or 2021, the deadline for entering the UK for the first time is 27 September 2021, this has been extended from 21 June 2021. See the Graduate Route Visa section below for details.

You may want to continue living and working in the UK after you complete your course. Below are the major routes international students can consider for work after studies.

Brookes Careers offers help and advice about applying for jobs in the UK and is available for you for up to three years after you graduate. If you are considering applying for jobs in the UK, we advise you seek guidance from Careers early to boost your employability help you get the right job when you graduate.