Resits/retakes and your Student visa

If you reach the scheduled end of your course but have not passed some of your final assessments, you will usually have the opportunity to attempt those assessments again (a “resit” opportunity). In some cases you may be required to retake the module, which means you need to study the module again from the beginning and are not only resitting an assessment. Please see the University's guidance and regulations on reassessment for further information.

Your Student or Tier 4 visa will have been issued to include 4 months wrap up period from the end date of your course, as indicated on your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study). In most cases it will be possible to submit a resit assessment during that period, but there may not be enough time for your results to be processed, and for an Exam Committee to confirm you have successfully passed your course, before your visa expires, and this would have implications for your eligbility for the Graduate Route Visa (see below).    

Can I extend my Student visa to complete a resit?

As there is no requirement to attend the University to complete a resit, and in most cases it is possible to complete it within the 4 months wrap up period, the UKVI do not allow Universities to issue a CAS to extend a Student visa in this situation. It is also possible to submit coursework assignments remotely, arrange for an off-site exam sitting, or return to the UK on a Visitor visa for scheduled examinations.

How will resits affect your Graduate route visa eligibility?

If you need to resit an assessment, and the result will not be confirmed by an Exam Committee until after your Student or Tier 4 visa has expired, you will no longer be eligible to apply for the Graduate Route Visa. This is because, to be eligible for the Graduate Route visa, you need to successfully pass your course within your Student visa period, and this can only take place when the Exam Committee confirms successful completion.  

Can I extend my Student visa to complete a retake?

If you need to retake a module/s you will be required to attend the University, therefore you will usually be able to extend your Student visa. If you are retaking a module during the 4 months wrap up at the end of your visa, and your course end date is extended, you can request a CAS to extend your visa. You will need to make sure you make your visa application before your new course end date. This will allow you to receive another 4 months wrap up period from your new course end date. For further advice about this, please contact

How will retaking module/s affect your Graduate Route eligibility?

As long as you successfully complete your retake module/s within the period of your new Student visa and your final results are ratified by an Exam Committee, you will still be eligible to apply for the Graduate Route visa.