Resits and retakes

The University is committed to providing appropriate opportunities for students who fail an assessment or module to retrieve their position, and the Regulations for Study (6.9) set out the rules governing your entitlements to resit assessments and retake modules. This page is to provide further guidance to help you interpret the regulations. 

Key principles

  • You are eligible to resit a failed assessment once, except where you would be unable to retrieve your position through resit because of specific module requirements (for example, if resits are not permitted due to professional accreditation requirements).
  • A reassessment task will normally take the same form as the original assessment.
  • You do not need to achieve a minimum mark, nor do you need to have submitted a first attempt at the original deadline/event, in order to be eligible to resit a failed assessment.
  • The mark that you achieve for a resit will be capped at the pass mark - this means 40% for modules up to level 6, or 50% at level 7. The only exception to this will be where you have made a successful claim for exceptional circumstances, in which case, the mark achieved at resit would not be capped.
  • If there is more than one element of assessment in your module, and you pass one element, but fail another and take a resit, the full mark for the element of assessment that you pass at first attempt will stand, and be combined with any capped marks achieved at resit to calculate the final module mark.
  • If you do not pass the module having taken the resit, you will have only one opportunity to retake the module, (unless further takes are authorised through an approved Exceptional Circumstances application). A fee will be charged when you retake a module, unless a fee exemption applies. When you retake a module, you will have two attempts to pass - a first attempt and a resit in the same way that you did when you took the module for the first time.
  • Once you pass an assessment, you cannot resit it; and once you pass a module, you cannot retake it. This means that if you pass some assessment components for a module and fail others, but pass the module overall, you are not entitled to resit the failed assessment components (unless you have made a successful claim for exceptional circumstances).

Disregarded Modules