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  • Exceptional circumstances

    We've introduced a new policy for students who are experiencing unexpected, short-term problems that are affecting their ability to study or be assessment. The Exceptional Circumstances Policy was introduced on 1 September 2019 and will replace the Mitigating Circumstances regulations.

  • Information for continuing students

    What's changed in brief?

    • Fit to Sit - we will assume that you are fit to sit an assessment unless you tell us that you are not by submitting a claim for consideration of exceptional circumstances.
    • You need to submit an online claim to tell us if you are affected by exceptional circumstances before an assessment falls due, but submissions will be considered as on-time up to 48 hours after the assessment falls due.
    • You will have 10 working days from the time you submit your claim to provide evidence of your circumstances.
    • Any claim submitted more than 48 hours after an assessment falls due will be deemed to be late. It will only be considered if we consider that there is an acceptable reason that you could not submit your claim on time.
    • There will no longer be Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 submissions.
    • We’re defining assessments as event and deadline assessments. Whatever form your assessment takes it will fall into one of these categories.
    • We’re introducing limited self-certification if you’re ill on the day of an event assessment.
    • We’re introducing limited use of a 24-hour grace period if you miss an occasional deadline.
    • If you tell us, and we accept, that you were affected by exceptional circumstances after submitting work, your work will not be marked and you will need to complete it again.

    Where to find more information


    There are a small group of modules that started before the 1 September 2019, but which will not be examined until after this date.  Many of these modules are postgraduate dissertation modules, though there are modules on courses with a January intake. If you are studying on one of these modules you should have received an email to let you know that these modules will be examined under the old mitigating circumstances regulations.

    Any modules that you start after 1 September 2019 will be examined under the new Exceptional Circumstances Policy. 

    Information for new students

    The University has a policy in place for students who are experiencing exceptional circumstances that are affecting their ability to study or undertake assessment. 

    What are exceptional circumstances?

    We consider exceptional circumstances to:

    • Be personal circumstances that are out of your control and which you could not reasonably have prevented or accommodated
    • Have had a significant and demonstratively negative effect on your ability to study or undertake assessment
    • Have occurred at a time that is relevant to the learning or assessment for which you are making the claim.

    All three elements of the definition must be met in order to substantiate a claim for exceptional circumstances.

    Where to find more information

    Your Student Support Co-ordinators will be able to give you further advice on the Exceptional Circumstances Policy.