Where to go for help

Who can help?

If you are unwell, or going through difficulties that you think are having a negative impact on your studies and/or your ability to take assessments, it is vital that you let someone know.

Although it might feel easier to stay quiet, we are in a much stronger position to offer support and help you if you raise any issues as soon as you can. The longer you stay quiet, the harder it will be for us to accommodate or support your situation.

Remember, if you put in a claim for consideration of exceptional circumstances after the deadline, the first question we will ask is whether there was a compelling reason to explain why you could not have made an on-time submission. If there is no compelling reason that your application was late and no grounds for a review of this decision, we will not be able to approve your request and a 'Completion of Procedures' letter will be issued.

Seeking appropriate support

There are a number of people and services in place to help you when you need support. You may feel more comfortable talking to people you have already met, or you may prefer to discuss your issue with people you don’t normally interact with in your academic life, especially if your problem is personal and sensitive. Remember that staff here at Brookes have often worked with students for many years and have been able to help students with all manner of difficulties. The most important thing is that you speak to someone as soon as you can. 

Sources of support are: