If studying is stressful

We understand that University can be a stressful experience for some of our students and that this stress can increase as you prepare for assessments. Students can experience physical symptoms associated with exam stress such as anxiety, sleep disturbances and feeling nauseous. You may well remember experiencing exam stress when you took assessments at school or college, and may already have developed techniques to cope with these symptoms.

Online help

There is lots of information on the Wellbeing website that you might find helpful:

Other external websites that you might find helpful include:

It is important to remember that you’re not alone in finding assessment stressful. Many students feel anxious at some point during their studies and learning to cope with these feelings and the physical symptoms that can accompany exam stress is an important part of developing resilience. Normally we will not consider anxiety or the symptoms associated with it as grounds for an exceptional circumstances claim.

If you feel that your symptoms are excessive and are making it difficult for you to perform well in assessments, it is important that you seek help by talking to someone as soon as possible. Similarly, if you have a medical diagnosis of stress or anxiety, it is important to contact Wellbeing so that they can make an assessment and put an Inclusive Support Plan in place.