Payment of US Student Loans

 Announcement This page is for use only by current students and applicants who have a US Federal Aid loan plan in place.

Payment to students with US Federal loans in place for the Academic Year 2023-24 will be made by a bank transfer. We request that you complete this form to facilitate the prompt payment of your loan.

The University receives funds from US Federal Aid institutions in week 1 of each semester. Further information including dates for disbursement can be found in paragraph 7.

If you are a new student, you can complete this form once you arrive in the UK and open a bank account.

A UK bank account is the preferred option to prevent your payment being subjected to conversion rates when it is paid to the university and back to a US account. Payments to UK bank accounts can be reach the account in (1-2 working days) whereas transfers to US bank accounts can be subject to delays caused by operation of the international banking system.

Please note the provisions of the Data Privacy Notice