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At Oxford Brookes University, we have welcomed students from France for many years now. We offer an extensive range of courses and are renowned for the highest standards of teaching. Experience a supportive and stimulating environment which attracts students from over 140 different countries. Through our practical and relevant courses, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge that will considerably boost your employability and future career prospects.

Employers are usually more interested in students with international experience, gained through studying abroad. Our work placements and connections with businesses and industries, will help prepare you for entry into the global job market. Find out why so many international students choose Oxford Brookes. 

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Rachel Jones

Based in Oxford, UK

Global scholarships

We offer a range of scholarships to help make studying at Oxford Brookes more affordable. With our International Student Scholarship, international students can receive a discount of up to £2,000 off their tuition fees. 

Find out more about what scholarships are available to you. 

Entry requirements

Undergraduate minimum entry requirements

Please check the individual course page and use the equivalency table at the link below to work out the specific requirements for your course.

Qualifications equivalent to UK A-levels:

  • Diplôme du Baccalauréat Général
  • Option Internationale du Baccalauréat
  • Diplôme d'accès aux études universitaires (DAEU)

Postgraduate minimum entry requirements

Please check the individual course page for the bachelor degree requirement and use the equivalency table at the link below to work out your specific requirement.

Qualifications equivalent to a UK bachelor degree:

  • Diplôme d'Ingénieu
  • Licence/Grade de Licence (post-2008)
  • Licence Professionnelle/Grade de Licence Professionnelle (post-2008)
  • Maîtrise (last awarded 2009)

How to apply?

Applying to a university in the UK is a simple process - this video will show you what you need to do or you can read more about how to apply.

Oxford Brookes has representatives around the world who can advise you about study options at the University and can help you fill in an application form free of charge. If you would like help, contact one of our local agents from the list below.

The British Council also has offices worldwide and can help you find out more about Oxford Brookes and how to apply. 

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