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At Oxford Brookes University, we are proud of our diverse international student community, and we welcome a large cohort of students from Norway onto our campuses every year. Students enjoy a memorable and rewarding student experience in the heart of one of the UK’s most stunning and famous cities, which offers everything from galleries and museums, bars and cafes, to botanical gardens and parks. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find something in Oxford to inspire you.

We offer a supportive, friendly and stimulating environment where our students grow and flourish. Alongside our excellent teaching we offer work placements, industry connections and career guidance to build your employability. You’ll graduate with the fundamental skills and international experience to succeed in your chosen career and confidently enter the global job market. An Oxford Brookes degree is truly an investment into your future. Find out more about why Oxford Brookes is such a fantastic place to study.

Meet your country advisor

Rachel Jones

Based in Oxford, UK

Global scholarships

We offer a range of scholarships to help make studying at Oxford Brookes more affordable. With our International Student Scholarship, international students can receive a discount of up to £2,000 off their tuition fees. 

Find out more about what scholarships are available to you. 

Entry requirements

Undergraduate minimum entry requirements

Please check the individual course page and use the equivalency table at the link below to work out the specific requirements for your course.

Qualifications equivalent to UK A-levels:

  • Vitnemål for videregående opplæring (Leaving Certificate from Upper Secondary School)
  • Vitnemål fra den Videregående Skole (Leaving Certificate from Upper Secondary School) (phased out in 1990s)

Postgraduate minimum entry requirements

Please check the individual course page for the bachelor degree requirement and use the equivalency table at the link below to work out your specific requirement.

Qualifications equivalent to a UK bachelor degree:

  • Bachelorgrad (Bachelor degree)
  • Siviløkonom (siv. øk.) (Economics degree)
  • Sivilingeniør (siv. ing.) (Engineering degree)
  • Candidatus Magisterii (cand. mag.)

How to apply?

Applying to a university in the UK is a simple process - this video will show you what you need to do or you can read more about how to apply.

Oxford Brookes has representatives around the world who can advise you about study options at the University and can help you fill in an application form free of charge. If you would like help, contact one of our local agents from the list below.

The British Council also has offices worldwide and can help you find out more about Oxford Brookes and how to apply. 

Across The Pond

Across the Pond is our official representative in Norway. Their team of Norwegian UK graduates would be happy to help you with your application as well as answer any questions you may have about the university, our courses and local funding from Lånekassen. Across the Pond also holds information on relevant scholarships for you, both from our university, but also other sources.

Contact information for Across the Pond in Norway:

Find out more:

You will be able to get information about our university by contacting Across the Pond at any time, or by attending any of Across the Ponds events throughout the year.


Come to one of our events and learn more about studying at Oxford Brookes as an international student. This is a great opportunity to speak to a representative about our courses, scholarships and funding opportunities, the application process and life in the UK.

We aim to meet as many international students as possible at exhibitions and visits around the world, giving you the opportunity to find out more about life at Oxford Brookes. If you're not able to attend an event or there isn't anything coming up in your country, you can contact your country advisor for information.