Credits equivalences

University One module at partner university Credits equivalent to one Oxford Brookes semester Credits equivalent to Oxford Brookes academic year
Curtin University 25 Curtin credits 100 Curtin credits 200 Curtin credits
Deakin University 1 Deakin credit 4 Deakin credits 8 Deakin credits
Griffith University 10 Griffith credits 40 Griffith credits, Law faculty assesses this differently and applies it as 50 Griffith credits 80 Griffith credits
QUT (Queensland University of Technology) 12 QUT credits 48 QUT credits 96 QUT credits
RMIT 12 RMIT credits 48 RMIT credits 96 RMIT credits
Southern Cross University 12 SCU credits 48 SCU credits 96 SCU credits
University of Technology Sydney 6 UTS credits (some modules 8 credits) 24 UTS credits 48 UTS credits
University of Calgary 3-4 Calgary credits 12 Calgary credits 24 Calgary credits
University of Guelph 0.5 Guelph credits 2 Guelph credits 4 Guelph credits
York University 3-4 York credits 12 York credits 24 York credits
Hong Kong
City University of Hong Kong 3-4 HK City credits 15 HK CityU credits 30 HK CityU credits
Hong Kong Polytechnic University 3-4 HK PolyU credits 15 HK PolyU credits 30 HK PolyU credits
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) 2-4 APU credits 15 APU credits 30 APU credits
For other Japanese Partner University Credits (Japanese Studies degree exchange partners) please contact the exchange coordinator in Japanese Studies programme.
KIMEP 3 KIMEP credits 15 KIMEP credits 30 KIMEP credits
Universidad de Guadalajara Email to for more information
New Zealand
Auckland University of Technology normally 15 credits 60 credits 120 credits
Mahidol University International College 4 MUIC credits 16 MUIC credits 32 MUIC credits
Universidad de Montevideo Varies 25 UdM credits 50 UdM credits
California State University, Sacramento 3-4 CSUS credits 12 CSUS credits 24 CSUS credits
Eastern Michigan University 3-4 EMU credits 12 EMU credits 24 EMU credits
High Point University 4HPU credits 12 HPU credits 24 HPU credits
Missouri State University 3-4 Missouri credits 12 Missouri credits 24 Missouri credits
Old Dominion University 3-4 ODU credits 12 ODU credits 24 ODU credits
University of Kentucky, Gatton College 3-4 UKY credits 12 UKY credits 24 UKY credits
University of Pennsylvania 1 Penn credit 4 Penn credits 8 Penn credits
University of South Florida, Tampa 3-4 USF credits 12 USF credits 24 USF credits
University of Texas, Austin 3-4 UTA credits 12 UTA credits 24 UTA credits
Virginia Tech Blacksburg 3-4 VT credits 12 VT credits 24 VT credits
RMIT Vietnam Campus 12 RMIT credits 48 RMIT credits 96 RMIT credits