Biological Sciences

Biological sciences is the study of life and living organisms. It’s an exciting and diverse area of study that encompasses fields such as:

  • biochemistry
  • evolutionary biology
  • microbiology.

Our programmes will enable you to explore a wide range of related fields, with the opportunity to later specialise in an area you are particularly interested in.

You will experience practical and theoretical work, building your confidence and preparing you for further study or employment.

Biological Sciences

Choosing the right course

CourseAward and duration (if taken without placement year)Course focusIdeal for people interested in a career in:
Life Sciences Foundation1 year (leading to a 3-year degree course)This foundation course focuses on developing your scientific skills and knowledge including fundamental biological, biochemical, mathematical and academic skills.This foundation year will enable you to progress on to any of our undergraduate Biosciences or Nutrition, Sport and Physical Activity degrees.
Undergraduate (all of these offer the option for a placement and international study)
Animal Biology and ConservationBSc (Hons)
3 years
This degree covers the evolutionary origins, ecology, behaviour and conservation of wild animals, with a focus on developing laboratory and field based skills and interpreting data.
  • Wildlife management
  • Conversation
Biological Sciences*BSc (Hons)
3 years
This degree is designed to help students decide where their interests lie before tailoring the degree in the second and third years, such as concentrating on conservation, biochemistry or cell biology.
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental management
  • Research
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Food technology
Biological Sciences (Genetics and Genomics)BSc (Hons)
3 years
This degree blends bioinformatics, molecular, genetic, genomic and broader biological studies. The degree focuses on developing computational and laboratory skills.
  • Health sector
  • Medicine industry 
  • Conservation
  • Food industry
Biological Sciences (Human Biosciences)BSc (Hons)
3 years
This course focuses on the biology of humans at a systematic and whole human level, with the option to study cell biology, neuroscience, nutrition and genomics as well as the core physiology. Students will develop skills in areas including laboratory techniques, data handling and computing. 
  • Biological organisations
  • Food technology
  • Health-allied fields
  • Medical writing
  • Research
Biological Sciences (Zoology)BSc (Hons)
3 years
This course seeks to understand all aspects of the biology of animals from their evolution, genetics, development, morphology and behaviour to their ecology and conservation, including at a molecular and biochemical level. Students will develop skills in modern lab techniques, field work and computational biology. 
  • Conservation of endangered species and habitats
  • Animal education and welfare
  • Drug development
MBiol Biological Sciences*MBiol
4 years
This integrated Masters programme is designed for students who are already interested in focusing on a career as a professional scientist. Students can develop an in-depth understanding of a specialised area of biology including Environmental Biology, Evolution, Cell and Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Genetics or Zoology.
  • Bioscience research
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Food and drink
  • Horticulture
  • Hospitals
Conservation EcologyMSc
12 months
This course develops both professional and field skills, including identification and survey techniques required for effective conservation with UK/EU and international pathways available.
  • Environmental agencies or consultancies
  • Conservation organisations
  • Charities
*These two degrees have a common first and second year allowing the opportunity to transfer between them.

Student experience

We encourage our students to widen their experience through field trips, work placements, studying abroad and getting involved with research projects. Listen to what they have gained from these opportunities.

Work Experience at Oxford University Museum of History

Work Experience at Beale Wildlife Park